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Social Media Trends in 2016

Social Media Update

Hi, it’s Tracy here and welcome to the Saucy Horse Social Media Services Update.

We’ve spoken about the need to brush up your inbound vs outbound marketing in our recent blogs, but there’s another aspect of inbound that you’ll need to concentrate on –

Inbound messages and social media services

Inbound messages for social media customer service are going up.  Big time.

Brands received 32% more inbound messages in 2015 than in 2014. We’ve seen plenty of examples of this – and sadly, plenty of examples of brands and businesses either ignoring them, or handling them badly. You need a game plan for answering your social inbound communication – 82% of messages that brands receive go without response, according to Sprout Social’s most recent report. You need to build in the resource for some 1:1 engagement in your social strategy. If you don’t, you’ll never maximise the opportunities that social media offers for lead acquisition and for building a warm relationship that encourages people to buy from you. We saw an example recently on a sadly neglected Facebook page where a customer had actually posted on the page to ask for an emergency call out on their Breakdown and Recover policy – you never know when your customers are looking for you on social media – whatever sector you’re in – so you better be there, with a sound social customer service strategy.

Live social media broadcasts

Next – Live social broadcasts are becoming something you shouldn’t ignore – and it’s not just for the big brands of the world. People are more likely to trust a business that can show exactly what’s happening as it’s happening. How could that aspect of your social media services fit in with your business objectives?

We’ve used it for authors to discuss their books (and seen a nice spike in book sales), app developers to promote the launch of their apps and B2C companies to talk to their core followers and to encourage their involvement in focus groups and product development.

The options are growing – it’s been possible to run live Twitter Q & A’s for a while and to generate real engagement from your followers. Programs like Periscope and Facebook’s Live Broadcasts mean you can look at this as a real possibility in your marketing campaigns for 2016. Instagram and Snapchat will also make 2016 the year of real time posting. Just be clear what your call to action is and the outcomes you’re working to achieve if you’re using this as a business marketing tool.

The most critical marketing step in 2016…

If live broadcasts don’t excite you just yet, videos however are critical!

We’ve said this a million times – but it’s worth reiterating that the world is catching up with the saucy horseys! Video is the most engaging content for social marketing.

  • Videos have 62% more engagement than photos on average.
  • Video shares increased 43% at the start of 2016
  • Facebook averages 8 billion views a day from 500 million people. And some of those will be your potential customers.

If you’re not producing short, compelling videos for social, with a strong Call To Action, and a subsequent email nurturing campaign to convert leads, that one thing alone is worth setting as a goal for your digital marketing content strategy in 2016.

Social Media as a sales tool

Finally, social media searches are generating more sales. Pinterest has announced a visual search feature. A user can now click any part of an image to open a new search and they will be taken to results for products like that one.  Just think of the opportunities for e-commerce with that. Some social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook are offering Buy buttons on their channels. The others will follow suit in 2016. This means it’s much easier to buy products directly through social media channels and that’s why you need a social strategy that optimises the sales you can make.

Real people want to see, watch and hear from real people. And that’s the whole point of social media marketing. So if you’re struggling to resource a successful social media strategy in-house, talk to us. We’ll show you how we can partner with you to make 2016 the year your social media activity starts delivering a real return for your business.

Full social media marketing and management packages, run by experts, from £950 per month.

Instead of trying to do it all without expert help and experienced guidance and being destined to fail, or burying your head in the sand because you don’t know how to make this a revenue generating activity for your business, now is the time to find out how to get a social media marketing plan in place with a social media agency that specialises in a results driven approach, underpinned by understanding YOUR business, and its objectives.

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