Simon Miller of Simon Miller & Company had  his doubts as to exactly what social media & online marketing could do for his chain of 10 estate agents offices throughout the Weald of Kent, as well as his property investment and period property businesses. Was it all just a case of Smoke & Mirrors? Even worse, was it something of a Black Art?

“One thing there is absolutely no doubt about, the levels of activity in our business have increased, our profile has increased and people are talking about us – the peaks in activity for our business are aligned with our online marketing. When our blog goes out there’s a spike in activity, when a youtube video goes out there’s a spike in activity – people phone us to book a valuation, register with us for properties to buy, and generally engage with us on some level. We can reconcile that with specific social media activity that’s going on.

We had a telephone call from a Channel 5 production company who said they had been looking for an estate agent that was a bit edgy, a little bit different,  and, to use his words, a little bit funky – he said that of all of the estate agents he looked at, we stood out, because we had a very good YouTube channel. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn presence – that’s all thanks to Saucy Horse.

Bottom line? Our business is growing at an excellent rate and our gross profits have increased by over £400,000 since we started work with Saucy Horse – their marketing campaigns and activity have contributed to very positive growth for us.”