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Social media strategy 2016 – does your business have one?

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Do you harness the power of social media? Does your business have a social media strategy for 2016?  It's an important question for every business in the UK (and beyond) this year, given the huge growth in size and...

Facebook Audience Optimisation: Does it work?

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What is Facebook Audience Optimisation Facebook Audience Optimisation is a new organic targeting tool developed to help marketers reach and engage with their target audience on Facebook. How? Well, the Facebook t...

Committing to your blog writing. It’s an ongoing affair!

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How often do you update your company blog? Once a month? Once a fortnight? Writing a blog may seem like a task you don't need to prioritise in terms of digital marketing success - but it's probably one of the most...

Social media tips: What’s the ideal length of posts?

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What is the ideal length of social posts? Do you ever wonder why your posts on social media aren't getting the engagement you might like?  It can be discouraging when you send out a post and it seems to fall on d...

How to create a Facebook Video Ad that works

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  Why should you use Facebook video ads? People have a growing appetite for creating, posting and interacting with video online, especially on mobile. Facebook has quadrupled it's video views over the last ...

Website User Experience Issues – How to solve them Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of how to solve website user experience issues! If you missed part 1, click here to catch up! The conversion process Put simply a conversion is an action you would like your visitors to take or...

The Digital Marketing Mix – 3 things you must know in 2015

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  Creating an ROI with the digital marketing mix The marketing mix has been a basic part of the most successful marketing strategies for decades. Its 7 Ps (Price, Product, Place, Physical Evidence, Promotion, People...

Social media crisis management

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  Social media crisis management strategies Planning is key to a good social media marketing campaign. Understanding how you will use social to build a long-term campaign is crucially important to your digital mar...

Digital marketing strategy planning: your strategy part 2

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  Digital marketing strategy - What are the key stages? Carrying on from our previous blog post 'Digital marketing strategy part 1' we'll be outlining stage 3 and 4 of the multichannel marketing growth whee...

Digital Marketing Strategy – How to Build it Into Your Business Plan Part 2

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Planning your digital marketing strategy In any business you need to plan for what will carry you forward in time to come. It can be difficult to map out your future if you don't have a good digital marketing strateg...

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